Construction and Maintenance




We have a team specialized in swimming pool maintenance, assuring that the best methods are used to assure safety and quality. We also are very experienced in construction, remodelling and repair of pools located in the Western Portugal. We build all kinds of pools, with various types of lining and equipment.


For the construction of a new pool or for remodelling works of an existing pool, we will present a proposal accordingly to the design specifications presented by our clients and we will consider the most suitable materials for each project. We work with several suppliers, in order to provide a wide range of possibilities of choice to our clients and compatibility support for existing materials (in the case of pool refurbishments or repairs).


We do structural repairs, test and search for leak sources, we do coating or lining repair and replacement, supply and install pumps, filters and all kinds of materials necessary for the proper functioning of your pool. We also supply and install pool heaters, salt electrolysis systems, lighting and electrical repairs of equipment, pool covers and shutters. We are always concerned with selecting the best materials, equipment and technicians in order to provide the best quality service to each of our clients.


In order to always have the swimming pool in good condition and with maximum safety, it is necessary to ensure its maintenance. In this case we also work in a monthly invoicing maintenance system that can be done through a covenant, which includes the various necessary water tests, cleaning and maintenance of the pool and correction of chemical levels accordingly to the pool necessities. Also, a point that sets us apart is that we do weekly readings of water consumption to avoid having unnecessary expenses and thus more quickly detect any anomaly in a timely manner so that there is little or no material or financial damage to the customer.


For quoting for the maintenance or construction of a pool we always need to visit the site, so that we can evaluate the site and suggest the best proposition for you.


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