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We can build a new garden from the roots, as well as maintain it. With the several resources we have available, from our experienced, trained and specialized team, to our landscape architect, our high quality equipment and materials, and even with the assistance of the best suppliers, we are able to make your dream garden a reality.


We have a team specialized in swimming pool maintenance, assuring that the best methods are used to assure safety and quality. We also are very experienced in construction, remodelling and repair of pools located in the Western Portugal. We build all kinds of pools, with various types of lining and equipment.

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Painting & Remodelling

We have a vastly experienced team in interior and exterior painting works, with dozens of houses and condominiums painted. We can refurbish our remodel any room in your home. We perform electrical installations as well as plumbing. We can help you find the most suitable materials, keeping in mind the solutions with best value for money.

Other Services

We can perform pressure washing of exterior walls, roofs, stones and floors. We can install fences, repair electrical and plumbing problems, repair water leaks and infiltrations, repair and install shutters, replace or repair door locks, unblock or clean sewers and gutters. We can do all kinds of repairs, big or small, with a 24 hour picket service.

Pool, garden or your home. Count on us.