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We can build a new garden from the roots, as well as maintain it. With the several resources we have available, from our experienced, trained and specialized team, to our landscape architect, our high quality equipment and materials, and even with the assistance of the best suppliers, we are able to make your dream garden a reality.


We work with multiple resources from artificial grass to natural grass, a wide range of plants and we build irrigation systems according to the garden specifications, choosing the most suitable and sustainable option for each situation.


For the construction of each garden we make an initial visit to evaluate the best solutions for your needs and wishes, so we have our own landscape architect, to meet and design each project, giving a unique and exclusive touch to each garden. We can prepare a detailed quote for each project, if necessary, with images, 2D or 3D, to make it easier to understand and see the concept ideas.


To ensure the durability and good state of green spaces, their maintenance is indispensable. Our approach is an integrated maintenance to the whole garden, where the tasks are distributed by our specialized team of workers, so each of our workers can do what they do best in order to bring out the best of your garden. We will take care of all cutting, fertilization, weed control and scarification of grass areas (even reseeding small areas if needed), as well as weed removal and fertilization of flowerbeds, trimming of trees and bushes, vegetation treatments with fungicides and other plant protection products and other general garden cleaning services. Besides that we also periodically verify and provide assistance to the irrigation system, repair all that is necessary and regulate the water consumption accordingly to the garden needs, but with cost savings and eco-friendly water saving policies in sight.


We adapt the frequency and the characteristics of maintenance visits to the needs of each individual garden. In order to start the garden maintenance first we need to visit the space and evaluate the necessary interventions. Once the evaluation is complete we will provide a quote for all necessary or recommended works and an amount for the maintenance services to be charged on a monthly basis.


So if you are interested and would like to know more about our services, contact us today!

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