Other Services


Other Services

We can perform pressure washing of exterior walls, roofs, stones and floors. We can install fences, repair electrical and plumbing problems, repair water leaks and infiltrations, repair and install shutters, replace or repair door locks, unblock or clean sewers and gutters and collect trash. We can do all kinds of repairs, big or small. We provide a 24 hour picket service to respond to emergencies. From obstructed plumbing to electrical problems, or to something else. We are available to assist you whenever you need the most!


Should specialized technical assistance be required for more complex or specific situations, we have a network of partners we work with that provide us assistance where our own staff’s knowledge and experience does not yet reach.


We can schedule an assistance to repair or look into whatever you wish us to, or alternatively provide a more detailed quote for a repair or replacement. So, whatever service you require, just contact us and you will hear from us soon.

Plumbing and electric repairs

Unblock and clean sewers

Door lock assistance

24 hour picket service

Pool, garden or your home. Count on us.