Remodelling and Painting


Remodelling and Painting

We have a vastly experienced team in interior and exterior painting works, with dozens of houses and condominiums painted. We can refurbish our remodel any room in your home. We perform electrical installations as well as plumbing. We can help you find the most suitable materials, keeping in mind the solutions with best value for money.


Our team of specialized painters is composed of experienced and competent professionals, with high attention to the small details and care. We only use the best quality products in order to have the best long lasting results that we can provide a guarantee for. We do interior and exterior paintings of entire apartments, villas and condominiums, or just for the rooms you wish to paint, we repair walls, damp patches, saltpetre, waterproofing of terraces, roofs and stones, and do several other works.


We are experienced in interior and exterior remodelling works, such as kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, replacement of pavements and stones, installation of plasterboard walls and ceilings, replacement of doors, windows and shutters, and much more. We can take care of everything and leave just the decisions for you, for the full “turnkey” experience.


Like with any other service, we need to visit the site to evaluate and discuss the desired works, and decide about each project specifications. Then we will prepare a detailed budget to explain the entire process that will be done on site.


If you think your house looks old-fashioned and needs a “clean face”, feel free to contact us and ask for your quote! We handle the whole process, from construction, furniture, appliances, etc. We are able to meet your wishes and make your project come true.

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